To change society to achieve equality, human rights and social justice for lesbian, gay, queer, bisexual and same sex attracted Victorians.

By society we mean every facet of our society, including not only the laws, regulations, local laws and by laws effective in any part of Victoria, and the policies and actions of every level of government affecting Victoria, but also the relationships within and between every neighbourhood and institution of society.


The vision of the Lobby is that sexual orientation is no longer the basis for discrimination in law or practice in Victoria, and that diversity of sexual orientation is valued and celebrated.

The Lobby will:

  • Compile the evidence: Conduct research and develop the case for specific reforms to advance the human rights of same sex attracted people in the social political economic and legal spheres.
  • Communicate the case: to raise awareness to politicians, media, policy makers and organisations to raise awareness of the inequality we face and its impact on our lives.
  • Campaign for change: on behalf of our members and the broader lesbian and gay community, campaign in support of initiatives to advance our human rights, and in opposition to initiatives to deny or restrict our human rights.
  • Develop and implement educative strategies: create and implement education initiatives to educate the wider community about the discrimination we face.
  • Work at all levels of decision making: work with federal, state and local governments, policy makers, organisations and other representative bodies to seek pragmatic and incremental change.
  • Build alliances: build relationships with like-minded groups to create grass-roots support for change.
  • Involve our community: Involve members of our community in the Lobby's campaigns, by making it easier for people to be involved.
  • Promote ourselves: Promote the Lobby to our communities, focussing on the inequalities we face and what the Lobby is doing to redress the imbalance.
  • Maintain and develop our association: Build on the work done in the past to make the VGLRL a dynamic and representative organisation.


The work of the VGLRL will be undertaken in accordance with the following values:

  • We acknowledge the moral and legal legitimacy of Indigenous people and communities. We will actively work with Indigenous communities beyond those already involved to advance human rights for all.
  • We support cultural diversity and differences, respecting that these differences make society stronger.
  • We aim to achieve equal representation of women and men within the VGLRL in the areas of membership, volunteers, policy, campaigns and alliances.
  • We will administer ourselves efficiently and in line with good governance, and will raise and distribute money transparently and accountably.
  • We acknowledge that we are all volunteers giving up our time. We respect each others' decisions regarding the amount of time we are able to give and we encourage each other not to over commit ourselves.
  • We acknowledge that, as volunteers, we might not have all the skills required, but we encourage each other to learn new skills and we shall provide a supportive environment to encourage each of us to take on new challenges and expand our skills.
  • We will work consultatively, cooperatively and respectfully with transgender, bisexual and other organisations that support our mission and vision.
  • Where appropriate, the Lobby with seek to work collaboratively with organisations and individuals that might not share our mission and vision.


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Information about areas including Victorian anti-discrimination law, property, death and superannuation.

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